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MFA with refresh tokens seems to have expired and is no longer working


We had setup our account for the MFA & Secure Model requirements and have been using refresh tokens to manage our users. We have been refreshing and using new refresh tokens daily.


We haven't made any changes to our systems and now it is failing with the following error:

{"error":"interaction_required","error_description":"AADSTS50078: Presented multi-factor authentication has expired due to policies configured by your administrator, you must refresh your multi-factor authentication to access 'fa3d9a0c-3fb0-42cc-9193-47c7ecd2edbd'.\r\nTrace ID: 89271af4-602a-4090-a441-7b2df3f32a00\r\nCorrelation ID: 590e321b-7df9-41ad-a04e-fe7fc61cb000\r\nTimestamp: 2020-01-20 14:46:51Z","error_codes":[50078],"timestamp":"2020-01-20 14:46:51Z","trace_id":"89271af4-602a-4090-a441-7b2df3f32a00","correlation_id":"590e321b-7df9-41ad-a04e-fe7fc61cb000","suberror":"basic_action"}

It appears as though it has expired but I'm not sure how that could be the case as we refresh daily. Could anyone provide insight into this?



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