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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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MFA for IT Managed Service


We are in the process of implementing MFA for majority of our clients for their end users. The problem we have is that we have 10+ IT Engineers that when on call may all require access to customers Office 365 tenancy via an admin account.

It is not feasible to setup the mobile authenticator app for every engineer and then add the admin account every single tenancy account to their app!

We have tried setting up a number of our client admin accounts to use a text to email service, but for some reason the text from Microsoft doesn’t come through via email every time. Yet when we text the number manually the email comes through fine. Do Microsoft have a restriction on how many 365 accounts can use the same mobile number for MFA?

Can we have a single account that covers/has delegated access over all our customers 365 tenancies?


What are other MSP's using to get around this issue?

Thank you

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