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PowerApps Access Query

I need some guidance to validate a customer scenario, please.  Here is what the customer needs:

  • We are trying to determine if we can use a single PowerApps license to allow users to access two different CRM environments (D365 Sales).
  • The customer has 10+ separate offices under their corporation. These groups need to have independent CRM systems.
  • We’re looking at building a custom, centralised “Global CRM sharing system”.
    • We want to have their users in the various offices to be able to access both their local CRM system and Global CRM sharing system via the same PowerApps license.

Would the Power Apps Per User Plan license allow for this scenario? 


When "two different environments" refers to two different instances in a single tenant, the answer is yes. 

If you are talking about two different tenants, the answer is no.

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Thank you for that!

Just one more query on this -->

How can a licensed user (PowerApps) that has access to two instances login between the two systems?  If the user information is pulled from Azure, how do they determine which instance to connect to?  If you have any documentation about this, it would be very helpful…


One way would be to directly use the URL for the instance.

From the before mentioned guidance:


An instance has the URL format: https://<URL name> For example,