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Re: Microsoft Power Platform business model and licensing updates

Absolutely agree with your comments. We have a prespect who is only considering BC as a solution becuase of the expanadibilty that the PowerApps provide in delivering a more taylored solution. They will need about 15 users and I am sure the higher cost is probably justifiable but the issue is we already told them about the old prices as the deal has been in flight for several months. Re-quoting is not going to help with frictionless selling. By the time all the monthly costs are added up it will be an expensive solution over the next 2 years. Probably better to go on prem and craft a custom soution for the apps with finance. I think MS are shotting themselves in the foot if they think they can increase revenue by charging much more. Savy users will not come thru the door and the revenues will dip as a result. Then if resellers feel it is not a salable solution they will start looking for alternatives and then the route to market MS have thru resellers will deminish. No customer likes to sign up for a solution and once comitted find they are held to ransom with price hikes. It gives the product a bad name and drives customers and prosepect away. Bad news sells very well and MS would do themselves a favour by stacking high and selling cheap for a bit longer and then gradually increase prices over a few years as the customer base grows.