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Re: Microsoft Power Platform business model and licensing updates

The biggest shock here is for the companies that have already invested in PowerApps and are running canvas apps for a handful of users at £5.30 per user per month (the old P1 plan).  These users will not fit into the new 'per app' plan as that requires a minimum of 30 users.  Then compared to the new 'per user' plan at £30.20 per user per month, the cost increase in huge.


I think the main problem here being the minimum of 30 users.  This basically rules out PowerApps for many small businesses or business with small use cases.  For the UK, any team of people wanting to use PowerApps with 30 users is a large team.  Even a team of 10 users is a reasonable size (team meaning a set of users with a common goal such as a team of sales staff, not all employees in the business).


I believe Microsoft will have to relax this limit for PowerApps to be the big game changer that it set out to be!