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Difference between Co-sell ready and co-sell prioritized



Can someone share the difference between the co-sell ready and co-sell prioritized levels in OCP catalog?
It is helpful to understand the value-prop to reach/maintain the status.

Thank you for your response. 

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Do you have to apply to be co-sell prioritized? Who determines when and which solutions gets prioritized  (e.g Microsoft partner account manager or Microsoft sales rep)?

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Co-sell Prioritized indicates alignment with an Industry Map

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Co-Sell Ready is when have all the collaterals of the Microsoft guidelines completed. With Co-Sell Ready, you can sell with other partners and share a collectrive terms. 
Co-Sell Prioritized is when you are geared up for the process, regularly active on it, and have your solutions lined up for after Co-Sell Ready stage. This is a distinction you get as a partner if you sell a significant number of solutions.
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