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I am coming clean:   Inspire is the first 2020 worldwide virtual event in which I have fully participated -  from beginning to end.  AND my schedule was FULL., I actually joined at 4am as I could not fit in everything.


Format: A virtual Success:). I truly connected to more people and content than in Vegas.  A big plus- NO hangover or blisters!

The localised Australian Kick-off!- From the opening hero video to introducing our Australian leadership team, this session set the tone and direction for the Australian Partner Community to come together and get the biggest bang out of the entire event. This competition also helped me encouraged me connect with partners and the Microsoft team in a  meaningful way.  well played.

Relevance and Timing- we are in unprecedented times.  Each session and speaker spoke to relevant issues we are facing as a individuals, the partner community, as well as our customers and society as a whole. Understanding  Microsoft's clear goals around social impact were incredibly helpful and I am committed and aligned to these goals. The representation of diversity and Microsoft's commitment to "Society" was duly noted.

The Content - Nothing short of Superb- From the inspirational speakers, the technical sessions, to the immense resources made available to us.  Excellent. I  have already noted my favorite sessions but I was surprised at how much value I received from nontechnical sessions from Pivot to Being an Authentic Leader.

The People:  Both partners and Microsoft were truly available and willing to engage and move the discussion forward.  

We are all in this together.  "A rising tide lifts all boats" and I feel Inspire lifted ours!

This Image says it all

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