Level 5 Contributor

Xbox Game Design: 

The name of the game, "Cliche", I think you'll see quickly where I'm going with this...

Setting: Miami, Florida


It takes all of its cues from popular action movies. Set in Miami, Florida, this ex-CIA agent is on the brink of retirement. He comes home from his breach run to his beach front property and finds his family missing and his dog dead (it hurt just writing this). 


He finds a note, written in magazine letters detailing that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped, taken away to Europe! At some point he will inevitably get on the phone and say the classic Neeson line, "I don't know what you want...".


It's an RPG with a skill tree that includes the following: 

  • Bullet dodging
  • Hand to hand combat against far too many enemies
  • Explosion immunity
  • Sword play
  • Impossible stunt driving
  • McGuyver gadget skills
  • The ability to wear a cap and instantly be anonymous

As you can see, possibly not original, I most likely wouldn't play it, but I like the idea of a game that plays off all the cliches in certain film genres.