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Deserted Island! What would I pack? 

1. The Surface Pro that I'm about to win πŸ€£

2. Solar powered generator with battery backup πŸ˜

3. An expresso machine, I'm sure I can find coffee or some equivalent on the island!


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Get your drink on!

I am triple fisting it today (with matching Microsoft brand colored mugs). My supply chain is running well and the coffee press is full.  As I'm fully "buzzed", I dressed up for y'all on a pair of fabulous pumps to match my pajamas. 



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IF umbrellas/sunscreen πŸŒž counted as "tech" I would be bringing them… because I wouldn’t last 1 day in a desert island with my glistening white skin from being indoors! But, if I got sent to the desert island, I would have to bring:


  • Solar Power Panel to charge my devices.
  • My mobile phone, as it gives me the flexibility to stay on this island and still β€œwork from…home?” and stay connected to my family.
  • Lastly, it would be a telescope, as I’m sure the stars you could see out there with no light pollution would be INSANE! πŸ”­πŸ”­πŸ”­
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Favourite co-workers will knock off for sleep soon.  Lucky sessions are available on-demand for them!



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On a deserted Island I'ld take:


Microsoft Surface, got to stay in touch with the world and who better to provide that than Microsoft πŸ™‚

Fitness tracker (Fitbit etc), need to stay accountable while isolated and consistently exercise

Hololens - Might as well bring people virtually to the island with me



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What am I looking forward to?  How can you go past Satya!?

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a bit late for the caffeine post but...



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My favourite co-worker is the Snoop Dog β€οΈ

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3 pieces of Tech i'd take on a desert island (presuming food sources are in abundance) -


Solar Generator to power my ...

Surface Pro

Long-range drone to seek attention to get me outta there!!! (Only so much solitude I can handle)

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Today has been awesome! Blown away that there is 4.1BILLION... BILLION minutes used on Meetings on Teams Daily. 


Here's the real brains behind my computer when I'm working from home! 


116104306_657280651526933_7992315582950840165_n (1).jpg




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Us Melbournians are back to Schooling from Home, so these two guys are my co-workers.. again!

It's quite tricky juggling a crazy work schedule while trying to support learning needs of dependents - and there's a tech opportunity right there! - but these two are my reason for being, so why wouldn't I?!




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the office Pup Head of lap warming and floor cleanup



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I love those desert islands with free unlimitied wifi! πŸ™‚


  1. Hololens 2 - with the limited edition "Bear Grylls: everything you need to know to survive on a desert island mixed reality tutorial boxset"
    You know the one...

  2. Drone with fishing attachments

  3. One of the oldest pieces of technology, a good knife (with fingerprint recognition and a USB of course)


Non-tech...of course everyone needs a companion on a desert island...WILSON!!!


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Favorite Co-Worker waving like mad knowing why i'm taking this photo.....




Unfortunately the office dog is hiding 😞

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My co-workers at home, clearly working hard on my latest jig-saw whilst I'm at Inspire! 

From left to right: Eeyore, Pierre, and Berty the Sloth


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so like many I'm looking forward to some sleep!


but on a Inspire side of things today would have to be

Securely deliver Azure managed services at scale with Azure Lighthouse and Azure Arc

Hope to get a better understanding of scale up with Azure to reduce implementational nd support time to increase research around security and performance implementations for customers

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I'm looking forward to Rachel Bondi's Australia session this afternoon and hearing about FY21 and ways we can optimise our collaborations in the year ahead.


What I'm looking forward to the most however, is winning the Surface Pro X!! πŸ€£




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My favourite co-workers....




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Fortunately I've been working from the office the whole time (except for April)....

But if I could choose a favourite WFH co-worker...it would be one of these guys


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Looking forward to expanding my MSFT community and learning about what is to come for us here in Australia this FY21 at the Australia Area General Session! 


Aussie Aussie Aussie! 




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The sessions I'm looking forward today are:


Keynote from Microsoft (Satya etc)

The Australia Area General Session

Zero trust starts with a strong foundation