Level 2 Contributor

  I really liked Doubling down on disruption – Developing compelling offers for a post-COVID world i got some great points of opportunities we have during this time

Level 3 Contributor

If I designed an XBox game, I'd set it in the Tardis.

Then I could transport myself around the Universe - I think it's Carbon Neutral too 😁

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My favourite session so far has been IKEY003-R1 Envisioning Tomorrow: How Microsoft approaches innovation

It was fascinating to see how some of the magic happens!

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I have been waiting for the Satya session this morning speaking at the Key Segment. 


It has not disappointed! Love to see how many employees are taking charge of their own issues and solutions in the companies they are working for. We have an army of Citizen coders coming through with the power of Power Automate! My favorite session yet!


❤️'ing today's line up!

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I enjoyed Kevin Carroll's session, The Pivot.

Underlying theme very much about self-talk and I loved his passion.


However props have to go to our very own Aussie team and the effort and energy they put into our kickoff!!

Thank you!



Level 3 Contributor

This Session by Kevin Carrol was a session i was recommended to help with understanding change.

Well i can say i have taken so much from this then i thought a great session that wasn't technical but a great change and a new way of looking at things in this time of Covid

Level 2 Contributor

My favourite session so far has been the Envisioning Tomorrow, and the discussion about how the AI tools are being used in the health organisation. 

Level 5 Contributor

My favourite session thus far was 'Build Agile Business Processes with the Power Platforms - Focus on CDS, Power Apps, Power Automate + RPA'. 

These are such a powerful tools for our customers and our own companies.

I've been using some power apps myself to automate my own work, but I'm keen to expand my knowledge to go deeper with the apps I do use, and to go wider and start using more of the apps on the platform myself. What I love about these is that it allows citizen developers, of which there are 3.7M. It simply allows everyone to be a 'developer', allowing people to develop tools making what they do more efficient and effective where previously the ROI would not have been realised.

I caught a screenshot which I'll post below that exemplifies this point. 

ROI Screenshot.png


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