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Here is my 1PM entry
My 3 pieces of technology are:
1. Portable Solar Charger - To keep my devices charged during the day.
2. Laptop - To stay connected for online content and to provide a source of light at night if I cannot make a fire.
3. Mini Boombox - To scare away dangerous predators targeting IT geeks with loud noises/music.

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Here is my 12PM entry
It's a photo of my furry cuddly animals. At the moment, my travel bear says they are having their morning Scrum meeting although I suspect it is actually a Mexican stare off where no animal wins. 🤔

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Here is my 11AM entry
I am looking forward to more animal cams today. Puppies, bunnies and penguins!  🐕 🐇🐧
Oh, and of course, the Australia Area General Session at 2:15PM 🇦🇺

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Looking forward to hearing from Satya this morning. It was good to see Taronga Zoo elephants.

also interested in the segment 

Envisioning Tomorrow: How Microsoft approaches innovation

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Camping out here for the dayCamping out here for the day

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 Maccas coffee double shot Latte 


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Too early for anything but an intravenous drip...



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Good morning!

Here is my 10AM entry 😃

I am getting my caffeine hit with coffee and Kopiko cappuccino candy


COMPETITION: Virtual Quest day-two

Thank you all for participating in our Virtual Inspire Community over the past two days. It has been fantastic to see you all networking and sharing your experience with us. 


The judges had a hard time choosing the winners! We loved seeing your creative entries - from memes, to poetry. 


Now the big announcement....


1st place:  @bellmichael 

(Surface Pro X, Surface Slim Pen, Keyboard and arc mouse accessories.)

2nd place:  @abailey 

(Surface Headphones)


Please contact us at InspireAdminAu@microsoft.com or private message me on the forum to claim your prize.


We hope you will all join us on the 20th August at our monthly Partner Connect, where we will be doing a debrief of Inspire and celebrating our winners! 


Looking forward to seeing you all then. 


Entries now closed! 


Welcome back to day-two! We'll open up this thread for responses at 8:30am AEST 23 July 2020.


Below is a checklist of items that you will have to achieve over the two-day event to go in the running to win:

1st place: Surface Pro X, Surface Slim Pen, Keyboard and arc mouse accessories.

2nd place: Surface Headphones


You will be judged on creativity, the kudos received, and the time you have completed each activity.

Below you can download your checklist of activities you will need to complete at the given time slots.


Make sure you post your responses in this competition thread.


T&Cs apply please refer to here


Please post your day-two responses in the day-two forum here