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Microsoft 365 empowers you to do more with less. Check out these resources!

Today, every business, in every industry, is looking to do more with less. Organizations of all sizes require a digital fabric that connects people, places, and processes--creating a massive opportunity to help customers make hybrid work, work. Additionally, pressures from the evolving global economy are requiring businesses to reduce costs and optimize operations as they continue to shift to a world of hybrid work. The multiple capabilities needed to enable Hybrid Work— meetings, chat, phone, scheduling, project management, cloud storage, analytics and automation, security — can easily increase an organization’s total cost of ownership and the administrative complexity that accompanies adding, deploying, and managing each solution separately. Microsoft 365 brings these solutions together into one integrated experience that delivers on the power of the cloud and makes Hybrid Work easier and smarter for employees. Microsoft 365 provides a complete solution for all customers, providing the most powerful and modern tools to do more with less. Customers can save money through vendor consolidation and decreased travel, increase security, and improve productivity and collaboration all with one premium product.


Microsoft 365 empowers you to do more with less. It can help to reduce costs and reduce complexity. Based on Forrester Consulting reports, it can;

  • Eliminate redundant solutions and cut licensing costs as much as 60% through consolidation to Microsoft 365
  • Simplify IT management when you automate system updates and reduce IT management cost by 40% and time spent on device management by 24%
  • Protect the digital worker when you enable zero-trust security model and reduce data breach risk by 45% and overall IAM security management costs by 50%


Data References:


And if that's not enough;


Did you know, customers who have consolidated to Microsoft 365 are:

  • 50% more likely to strongly agree that the employee technology experience "helps keep users protected and data secure".
  • 57% more likely to report that workers have technology that enables flexibility to choose where they get their jobs done.
  • 81% are more likely to strongly agree that their employee technology experience improves recruitment and retention
  • 51% more likely to report that employees are able to seamlessly collaborate and in real-time
  • 76% more likely to strongly agree employee technology experience helps us delight our customers, stakeholders, and constituents.


If you would like to learn more about this data, please refer to:  Enterprise Strategy Group. “Building a Resilient Organization through Integrated Cloud-based IT.” September 2020. 



Are you ready to drive more conversations with your customers about cost savings and value realization?  Here are a few resources that can help you;



Nearly 65%* of SMB's prefer to purchase software solutions as packages, in a "suite of solutions" that meets all their business needs. This presents an opportunity to grow your customer base and generate more revenue by pitching Microsoft 365.


Microsoft launched the new Do More with Less Campaign for SMBs, to enable partners to grow revenue by acquiring new customers and upgrading existing customers to more premium products. The "SMB New Customer and Upsell Promo" offers a low-risk monthly commitment on any of the following products:

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  4. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
  5. Microsoft Teams Essentials
  6. Microsoft Defender for Business


Now is the time to work with your customers, understand their needs, and implement the right solution for hybrid work and security.


Get started today. The SMB Partner Portal page has everything you need to launch your Do More with Less Campaign for SMBs.


*Meeting the Changing Software Technology Needs of SMBs, Forrester Consulting, September 2022