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Hybrid Work: Top 10 Reasons To Choose Microsoft 365

Help your customers implement the best hybrid work solutions and unlock the full value of the Microsoft 365 platform. 


Top 10 Reasons to choose Microsoft 365:


  1. Unleash you best ideas with rich desktop and web-based apps
  2. Thrive in hybrid work with a modern collaboration platform
  3. Connect and engage with intelligent intranet and social networking
  4. Work smarter and make informed decisions with advanced analytics
  5. Efficiency manage work with lists, automation, bots, and more
  6. Protect sensitive data everywhere, even in motion and when shared
  7. Detect and investigate threats with built-in intelligence
  8. Secure the modern workplace with unified management
  9. Gain visibility, build insights, control data with management controls
  10. Manage compliance with built-in, comprehensive coverage



Hybrid works is here to stay no matter where customers are in their journey. Here are a few resources to:



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Prioritized Go-to-Market Resources:

Modern work enablement for partners - Find a simplified view of the key upcoming training opportunities available to partners, training resources for the role-based exams, learning journeys across Modern Work, and other key resources. https://aka.ms/enablementguides


Modern Work Go-to-Market partner resources

Modern Work operationalize and go-to-market assets to help convert practice to reality, and accelerate efforts.


Digital Marketing Content on Demand

Partners can drive demand with automated easy to launch go-to-market campaigns.


Uncover upsell opportunities with your customers

CloudAscent uses machine learning technology and hundreds of data sources to highlight new opportunities with your existing customer base.


Key Incentives, workshops and programs


Deliver 1:1 workshops with your enterprise and corporate customers

  1. Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce 
  2. Enable Frontline 
  3. Hybrid Meetings and Rooms 
  4. Modernize Communications 


Hybrid Work Key Incentives & Programs


Train your team


Partner Enablement Resources