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Explore business and technical topics delivered by industry experts


Reduce your deployment time and issues

Expand your technical knowledge of Modern Workplace functionalities through one-to-one personalized consultations. These technical consultations can be leveraged using MPN technical benefits and will ensure smooth Modern Workplace deployments.


New technical consultations*:


Modern Desktop Deployment Consultation - Ensure a smooth cloud deployment with personalized configuration, design and deployment guidance from a Microsoft expert. During this one-on-one consultation, we’ll help you successfully implement the proposed solution by reviewing technical blockers and teaching you best practices to follow. By preventing potential deployment issues and avoiding common implementation pitfalls, you’ll be able to reduce deployment timelines and keep your projects on track. 


Intelligent Communications Deployment Consultation - Explore different approaches to the Microsoft Teams upgrade path and receive recommendations to define and deploy your Intelligent Communications solutions. Capture more of the Microsoft 365 opportunities by combining and expanding your communications and collaboration practices with Microsoft Teams offerings. Also get to know the new possibilities of the platform to integrate and deploy calling solutions with technologies like Direct Routing and Phone System.


Teamwork Solutions Deployment Consultation - Let our Partner Technical Consultants help ensure a smooth and successful deployment process during this one-to-one consultation. Whether you need an architecture review or assistance during the deployment itself, our Microsoft experts will cover the most complex scenarios you may encounter. You’ll receive an overview of the various deployment options available including how to protect your customer’s data and how to ensure they stay compliant with regulatory requirements.


Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Deployment Consultation - Define best practices and develop a process for secure and compliant deployments with a Microsoft 365 expert. Explore how individual Microsoft 365 security products and services such as Azure Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Data Governance, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Windows Information Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 Cloud App Security and Microsoft Intune can be landed in your customer’s environments. You’ll also learn how to convert license sales to deployed products, ensuring renewals and continued revenue.


*Cost: Partner advisory hours; Partners will be charged per hour, charge will cap at 5 hours.

Explore the full suite of technical webinars and consultations available for the Modern Workplace technical journey at aka.ms/technicaljourney.