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Azure Lighthouse Vision Series: Rapid Recovery Planning for IT Service Providers

Hello Partner Community,


Join us for the first of our Azure Lighthouse Vision Series of virtual meetings to discuss the challenges facing partners in 2020 and how to thrive in these difficult times with advice from Microsoft and Industry experts. 


In this session, Industry expert Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership Inc, will cover the following topics:

  • Likely upcoming macro-economic scenarios
  • Likely Service Provider revenue and profit paths through recovery
  • Suggested actions for Service Providers to maximize revenue, profit, and safety
  • Closing advice for partners

Paul will be available for a live Q&A with attendees during this session. 


Featured Speaker

Paul is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Service Leadership, Inc., a leading Solution Provider consultancy firm, and publisher of the Service Leadership Index® of Solution Provider performance, the industry's broadest and deepest operational and financial benchmark service.



Service Leadership recently published its Rapid Recovery™ Planning Guide.  We encourage you to check out the guide and come prepared with questions for Paul and his team.

How to Participate

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