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Partner Incentive to Support the Do More with Less campaign | Microsoft 365 Business Premium Local Accelerator Update

The Q2 Microsoft 365 Business Premium Local Accelerator offer is now available! Rates have been updated to keep the growth momentum and continue motivating customer transition to our New Commerce Experience.


Additionally, the Microsoft 365 Business Premium offer is an exciting partner incentives to support the Do More With Less campaign! Microsoft launched the new Do More with Less Campaign to enable you to grow revenue by acquiring new customers and upgrading existing customers to more premium products. So get started today! The SMB Partner Portal page has everything you need to launch your Do More with Less Campaign.


Here’s how you can earn with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium Local Accelerator offer in Q2, beginning October 1, 2022.


M365BP Q2 - 1.png


Did you know?

Microsoft rewards you as a Direct Provider or Indirect Reseller by earning up to 14% on existing customers and 29% on new customers in NCE for Microsoft 365 Business Premium Sales!


M365BP Q2 - 2.png




What is changing with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium Local Accelerator Q2 offer?

  • The additional 2.5% special offer for NCE in Q1 has expired; NCE rate is now back to 5%
  • Legacy CSP rate changed from 5% to 2.5%


What do I need to do to take advantage of the offer?

  • With your active MPN membership and enrolment in the CSP program, along with meeting the eligibility guideline stated above and in the incentives guide (see pages 106 & 116), there is no additional step to take in order to participate in this incentive opportunity. Once qualifications are met, Partners will be paid out automatically along with the regular CSP payments. No claims required.


What qualifies as eligible revenue?

  • Any Microsoft 365 Business Premium revenue billed through CSP during the offer duration.


What changes should partners expect with this incentive offer in the future?

  • Legacy CSP rate will retire at the end of Q2 (December 31, 2022)
  • NCE rate may be subject to incremental seats only in FY23-H2 (January 1, 2023)


We remain committed to driving growth by making investments that motivates positive impact. Utilize this exciting Microsoft 365 Business Premium local accelerator offer along with the Do More with Less Campaign to boost your Modern Work SMB and SMC-Scale business growth in Q2.


Please feel free to reach out to our Microsoft 365 Business Premium US Accelerator Support Team with any questions.