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Final Day for PIE Submissions FY22

Good morning.  I have probably overlooked it somewhere.  When is the final day to submit FY 22 PIE funding requests?

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Hi Ben! Any updates on PACE fy23 that you know of? The message on the PIE portal changed thanks! 


New message:

*PACE will remain under the FY22 program until 6/13 and launch for FY23 soon.


Old Message:

*PACE will remain under the FY22 program until 6/13 and launch for FY23 on 6/27."




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@BCirceo 🙂

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Per PACE desk as of 7/15/2022. It has just been delayed (this is good as they could have said cancelled)


"Unfortunately, the FY23 PACE Program launch has been delayed as we are still working with our internal teams to approve updates to the program for the FY23 fiscal year. We will update the PIE Portal messaging as soon as we have a firm launch date and do apologize for any inconvenience these delays may cause.


Also, please know that the program is in no way at risk and we’re only waiting for final approval to launch the program."


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@Ben Circeo Are the FY23 PIE programs only for managed partners? If so, what programs are out there for the rest of us with customers that could benefit from some funding to help them migrate? Where can I find infomration on these programs?

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On one of the last PIE office hours call we asked for a timeline of FY22/FY23 Pre-commits and then FY23 official offers.  Microsoft said they would put this together and share out.  Was that ever provided?  If so, can you please re-share the information as I missed it. 


Hi Jami,


Here is the timeline:

5/31 - last day to apply for FY22 PIE Claims

6/1 - Pre-commit phase for FY23 Q1 begins

7/1 - FY23 Q1 programs launch

9/30 - FY23 Q1 programs retire

10/1 - FY23 Q2 programs launch


There is no pre-commit phase for the new FY23 Q2 programs as there is no fiscal year turnover


Does this answer your question?



Do you have a list of the FY23 Funding programs?  Thanks


The FY23 PIE Programs will remain the same as FY22 for the first quarter.


In Q1, we will announce new programs that will launch on 10/1.




The final day for all FY22 programs except PACE is today.


Tomorrow begins the pre-commit stage for FY23