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Skills, D&I and Apprenticeships at the UK Partner Executive Summit

You may have attended the Microsoft Partner Executive Summit earlier this month, we hope you found it valuable, but if you haven't had a listen, I wanted to draw your attention to the three sessions that investigate and offer insights on our related Partner Pledge pillars:


- Digital Skills (visit aka.ms/PESDigitalSkills)

- Apprenticeships (visit aka.ms/PESApprenticeships)

- Diversity and Inclusion (visit aka.ms/DiversityInclusion)


Our recent report 'A Blueprint for Microsoft Partner UK Competitiveness' states: "that by embracing a new model of competitiveness based around talent, technology and future readiness, all underpinned by their relationship to the ecosystem in which they operate, UK businesses could significantly enhance their ability to lead and succeed domestically and on the global stage."


Feedback on the above in this community would be good to hear.


Also, the apprenticeships session has a teaser for a new Microsoft Apprenticeship Network that is to be launched in early March 2021, there will be more details to come.


For details on the Partner Pledge please visit aka.ms/ukpartnerpledge