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NEW Local UK Cross Solution Campaigns



I just wanted to draw your attention to our new localised campaigns on the DMC platform - Local UK Cross Solution Campaigns! These campaigns have already had great interest but we want to ensure you are aware of the advantage you can have by taking advantage of these resources.

The DMC platform is a marketing tool which will allow you to access pre-made content which you can easily distribute to your potential leads!

Here is a link to a helpful how-to document - aka.ms/DMCHowTo - that will introduce you to the platform and how to use it.

The new local campaigns focus on the areas - New World of Work, Data & Analytics and Security & High Risk Management - and have 7 weeks full of content.


New World of Work -

Use this campaign to show customers how technology can help UK organisations and individuals become more resilient, adaptable and successful in the new world of work.


Data & Analytics -

Use this campaign to help UK organisations harness the power of data and analytics at scale – to drive more value, more efficiency and, ultimately, more success.


Security & High Risk Management -

Use this campaign to embed security in every part of your business. Prepare for the inevitability of risks and breaches, assuming the worst to maintain the best for your teams and customers and build a successful security culture by bringing every user along the journey.


You can find out more information about these campaigns here. If you have any other questions regarding the content, please feel free to leave these below or contact support@contentmx.com for any questions concerning the platform.