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Migration Failure from Partner Membership Centre to Partner Centre

Hi All, 

I have been an Action Pack Partner for over 4 years from when i started My life as a freelance consultant. I have recommended it to mant other contractors over the time as I feel it is a fabulous tool to promote understanding and allow the independant consultant to grow and test.

On saturday my account was migrated to the new Partner Centre and since then the wheels have fallen off this particular barrow. My microsoft ID is not recognised in the new portal yet the old portal has blocked me from doing much as i have been migrated... I have sat and waited 50 minutes to have a chat session where  I was told to have a word with either of the three admins for my account, none of whome i have heard of nor do i remember ever having employees. so we went back and forthe in the chat with me saying that these people dont exist and the agent appologising and suggesting that i talk to them. eventuall i asked to be rolled back to the old portal at which the chat was cut off from the far end.


My guess the problem relates the the microsoft ID which happens to be a btconnect.com email address which i'm sure others will have and somehow my Partner membership has been merged with that of another partner.

Has anyone else had these problems ? how did you fix them? How do i get hold of a real person in support on the telephone? How do I lose weight eating Pizza?

i hope i am the only one to suffer this...




You can not use a Microsoft Account (Live ID) in the new Portal, you need an AzureAD Account ("Organizational Account") - so if you have registered e.g. user@btconnect.com as a Live ID, you can only continue using the account name user@btconnect.com in the new portal if you own the "btconnect.com" domain and can add it to your Azure AD tenant.

The only thing I can imagine is that you actually added your MPN status to the Tenant of the company which has registered btconnect.com in their AzureAD tenant.

Unfortunately the option to choose a tenant as migration target is not limited to global admins of those tenants.

So a support ticket the way to go (use phone support instead, and ask specifically for the ticket numer). Creating a ticket online would be better, but in your situation I guess this is not possible since you cann ot log in.

My guess is the best action is really to reset the migration status  this might take a while though.

Be sure to take alook in the migration guide before again attemting the migration (after reset has succeeded): https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support/partner-center-help





Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/janoschulmer)

Hi,  GrabASalad

I highly recommend you to create  a support ticket at one of ours support channels, each case is different and our experts will help you and provide the accurate guidance and resolution


Looking for support?


Thank you!