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We are currently a Silver Partner, a CSP and SPLA Partner. we would also like to become a Microsoft licensing solution provider (LSP) so that we can sell Enterprise Agreements to our clients who are 500 users plus. I have done online chat, called every different Microsoft phone number, emailed a team, spoken to our distributer and checked on our Partner Portal and I am stuck. There isn’t anywhere that tells you how to enrol for this.

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Hello, did you find answers to this issue?

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Similar here, no clue whats necessary to become an LSP... can anyone point us in the right direction?



There is no process for that where Partners can simply sign up for this, best option would to establish a contact to the local subsidiary directly to discuss the options - e.g. via the account team at Microsoft (Partner Development Manager). 


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Just so I understand the LSP system.  I'm going to tell you a little story on how this DOES NOT work for partners.   We have a local client that Coca Cola has negotiated a special licensing contract for Microsoft Licensing.  We have worked with this client for over 20 years.   First we lost revenue to the Select program and now we will lose additional revenue because of the LSP program for Office 365.  Apparently there is no way to be an LSP as Microsoft has chosen the usual suspects.....CDW...Insight...


We currently are a CSP and have enjoyed the ability to manage 365 licensing for our clients. 


There is no way for us to manage licensing in their tenant the way we need to in order to support their needs in  a fluid 365 environment.   Instead we have to contact another company to change quantities etc. And hope they do it in a timely fashion. 


For 20 years we have advised them on software selections and purchased their Microsoft Licensing.  To some extent we have kept their business with Microsoft.  They have other choices.  In fact due to some of the issues we now face they are moving to a different software solution that will be deployed in an Apple invironment with IPAD clients.


Hundreds of Thousands of $ in revenue from this client for Microsoft in the past ....and while we are good enough to recommend a Microsoft solution, we aren't good enough to sell it OR get credit for the sale from Microsoft.  And to add insult to injury Microsoft wants us to achieve revenue goals to stay a gold partner.   


Do I understand this correctly?


Some thoughts...

Reg. the revenue reporting - it is possible that customer obtains licenses via an LSP in EA contracts, but still be recognized for the influenced revenue, would recommend to take a look into Partner Admin Link:


Beneath PAL there is also still DPOR which can also work for the purpose of being recognized as influencing partner for a large customer account.


What is also an option, and I'm working with many partners doing this, is to discuss with customers if some mixed approach might be beneficial - changing license count in EA always comes with a commitment and is complicated and customer himself might appreciate being more agile in license management - which you mentioned yourself as being one problem. So you could offer to add CSP licenses to their EA tenant also.





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I'm not sure what you mean by adding CSP licenses to their Enterprise agreement.  Coca Cola has an agreement for 365 licenses.  We cannot compete with the pricing they are getting from an LSP through our CSP program.  If we could, we would be all over it.



You can - at least sometimes - compete in area of flexibility. E.g. the customer is building a new business/team/project and licenses are not included yet in the EA, there might be a chance to offer them CSP licenses which can be added to the same tenant the EA is attached to. As said, this is just one example I hear a lot - because of budget, contract and political reasons adjusting/expanding the EA can take a long time.

Beneath that I personally would  recommend not get into a pricing competition, I would recommend to differentiate with a service offering. The customer will always find somebody who is willing to sacrifice his margin a bit more and offer the licenses for a few cents less - but it is not easy easy for him to find an alternative to a Partner that provides a great value-add service. Again, my personal opinion and my experience being a service provider and partner before joining Microsoft.



Another option is to partner with an existing LSP.

There are several great LSPs that are very 'partnering-friendly'!


Regards, Per