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Is this Vendor a Microsoft Partner?

Apologies for posting here but I can't find anywhere else suitable to ask the question




They show a logo at the bottom of the page but clicking on it doesn't do anything and it doesn't look right.


Would anyone here know how I can find out please?


There is no public directory where you could look up if a company is a Microsoft Partner or not. The only indirect option is to check if you find this Partner listed in the solution directory - but Microsoft does not force Partners to get listed there, so even without any result they might still be a Partner.


However, the site does not allow to search for a name, only for solutions: Microsoft Solution Providers

This answer also means, that if you search for a Partner here, you will only find "real" Partners for sure.


What I can tell is that the logo they use is incorrect logo usage, and not an official Microsoft Partner logo as it is made available for Partners. The style for "Microsoft" font is outdated since years and Partner are asked to not use this anymore - but the rest of this "logo" like the colored Windows icon is from a newer source - so it was definitely not created by Microsoft.


You could of course contact them and ask for a certification letter, which Microsoft provides to Partners.




Kind regards, Janosch
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