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Is there space for a new Dynamics 365 integration option?

We've recently launched a connector plugin for Dynamics 365 to our Seamless integration service and we're working with Dynamics partners to help them use it in their projects.

A new integration option? There is already an established market of existing integration tools which work with Dynamics 365. These have a long heritage in the Dynamics community. Having spent many years delivering CRM through its various flavours, we felt that there were some constraints with existing integration options that we could address in the building of Seamless and our Dynamics 365 connector plugin. 


 We'd love to work with more partners to use our integration tooling in delivery projects. We have a number on D365 for Sales implementations already live, as well as a few in development. If you want to talk integration to Dynamics, or any cloud service, do reach out and we'd love to chat.

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as you said, there are many tools on the market, with different features, benefits, and pricing. We are successfully using the Layer2 Cloud Connector for Dynamics integration, especially if it comes to Office 365, SharePoint, or Azure. Our customers like the simple but powerful synchronization approach and the full control - means no 3rd party involved (as with many other services).

Thanks, Frank