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Incentive / Rebate / Opportunity information for Partners


I'm looking for some advice on how to easily identify new information regarding partner incentives, promotions, rebates and other opportunities to gain some benefit from our MPN membership.   We get very little from our PDM, and navigating some of these sites is relatively complex / noisy, so if anyone has a clear view on the quickest / efficient way to understand what the latest offers and incentives are I would be really grateful.

Thanks, Phil.

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Hi Phil,

I agree it is messy and unhelpful. That said, we’ve received considerable support from our SAM through ASfP and specific help can be found by contacting PIEnroll@microsoft.com. There is also a revamped Partner Incentives website accessible from the partner centre. I’m still chasing missing incentives from late 2016 onwards so I share your pain!

Happy hunting, Matt