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Dynamics Portals "Supported Custromizations"?

In Dynamics "core" we have the concept of supported and unsupported customizations. My query; is there this concept when it comes to the Dynamics Portals?

In my mind, there should be the concept of things that you should and shouldn't do in the Portal. You have obviously got access in the portal to load your own JavaScript, and do whatever you wanted client-side, but in my opinion this is extremely risky as Microsoft could change something fundamental, which would in-turn break your client-side customisations. With the release pattern of the portal where you can turn on early upgrade, but still only have around 3-4 weeks to fix an issue if it arises, this concept of supported customisations, and only doing things that will be supported in future upgrades becomes even more critcal. 

However, unless I am missing something (which I could be as sometimes the Portal documentation can be hard to find), there is no official documentation on what you can or shouldn't do. Could anyone point me to any official articles, or could this be requested/guidance given?

Thanks for any info in advance!

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Hi Steve,


You are right!

There are no clear guidelines or documentation.

But as far as my experience goes, we can perform field hide/show or apply styling or perform complex validation using client-side scripts.

To mitigate the risk of breakage in portal functionality due to latest updates and to spot the issues, I suggest the below

  1. Keep a watch on update notification from Microsoft regarding the portal
  2. Regression testing of the portal on regular intervals either manual or automated




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