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Defining our focus for UK corporate social responsibility

At Microsoft, we take our commitment to corporate social responsibility very seriously and - as a mission-driven organization - are committed to changing the world for the better.


We are all aware of the host of environmental and social challenges facing the world with serious consequences here at home. We felt the dawn of a new decade is an appropriate time to reflect on our own impact as a business and consider how we can change or improve what we do.


As I'm sure you are all aware, powerful evidence of Microsoft's commitment recently came in the form of the company's announcements to do its part to stem the tide of climate change by becoming carbon negative in 10 years and remove all historic emissions by 2050. While environmental sustainability is a top priority, we believe there are other pressing topics we should consider when we talk about empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.


We are asking our key stakeholders - our partners - to share their views on the various aspects of our focus and approach to our social responsibility.  As a partner based in the UK, we value your voice and so would like to ask you to take 15 minutes to complete this questionnaire.  Your views will help us shape an important way in which we bring our mission to life and we value you your input.


Survey closes 3rd April.

Complete questionnaire*


*Confidentiality Statement:

This survey is confidential, and your responses will not be associated with your personal information. The survey is entirely voluntary. The purpose of this survey is to find out what our Partners think about various aspects of our sustainability strategy. It will help to inform our strategy going forward. Our survey partner is Opinion Matters and they will be collating this data on our behalf.