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Are you a current or former Action Pack subscriber? The Digital Experience team wants to hear from you.

The One Commercial Partner Digital Experience team works to deliver best-in-class experiences to Microsoft partners through strategy, design, and research. Currently, the team is working on a project to improve the Action Pack experience and is giving partners the opportunity to share one-on-one feedback that will directly influence design. Taking part in a usability study generally requires only 45 minutes and helps inform how the programs you use are designed, built, and rolled out.


If you have been an action pack subscriber, the team would love to get your input and feedback. To get started, please fill out this Action Pack survey by November 20. After that, you will receive a follow-up email to schedule a 45-minute interview via Microsoft Teams.

All selected and qualified participants will receive a $25 Microsoft gift card. Questions about this survey can be sent to OCP-UX-Research@microsoft.com.​

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Yes I was or will be until 30-11-2020 As I can no longer renew... Very poor from MS... to someone who has been a member for over 12 years...