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Action Pack Renewal Mess

My company renewed its Action Pack subscription back in September 18, around the time we were being migrated from the old Partner site to the new site and we noticed that some of the IUR s/w we used to have access to disappeared. As a) we didn't need access to IUR  software and b) we knew there was a website migration in progress we thought this was something that would work itself out. Unfortunately it hasn't.


I finally opened a ticket with Microsoft about our missing IUR s/w in early November 2018, when we realized this wasn't something that was going to solve itself and i've had an open ticket with Microsoft since then. 


We've been told multiple different things about what went wrong and it basically boils down to the fact that Microsoft has told us that when we renewed our Action Pack subscription we chose a different renewal option to what we have chosen the 3 previous renewals (which we dispute) and thus we are now on something called the ISV Starter Kit which doesn't have the IURs we require.


After 5 months and much back and forth with Support (where I've mostly had to chase for updates) I finally asked the following questions:

- Regardless of how we go to this point, how we can fix this issue?  Can we be moved onto the regular Action Pack subscription we've previously had, with the correct IUR? Answer is "No" because I opened our ticket more than 30 days after renewing.

- Can we buy another Action Pack subscription that has the IURs we need? Answer is "No" because we already have an Action Pack subscription (though it is the wrong type) and only 1 is allowed.

- Can we CANCEL our Action Pack subscription and then buy/renew the correct Action Pack subscription? Answer is "No", with no explanation, despite having asked why for an explanation.


The ONLY solution we've been offered is to ride out the remaining 6 months of our Action Pack subscription and then "correctly" renew with the correct IUR options when our subscription comes around for renewal again.


At this point we're stuck between a rock and a hard place because we need the software to test solutions for our customer base - and Microsoft support doesn't seem to care; we need the IUR for testing, but without the correct Action Pack subscription there doesn't seem to be any way to get access to the s/w them short of shelling out £2500+ for an Enterprise MSDN license, which we'd only need for 6 months and then we'd throw away.


I've tried looking for some way to contact a UK Microsoft Partner Channel manager (or anyone from Microsoft) for assistance, but... I can't find a way to contact anyone other than the same regional support centre I've been dealing with; all of the phone #s I've been able to find seen to route back to the same regional support centre that's been unable to resolve our issue.....


Has anyone ever run into a similar problem before? and maybe managed to resolve it? We're a small consultuing shop and not having IUR for the s/w we need is beginng to really impact us.

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I am in South Africa. I don't find a similar site as this one in South Africa. I have been trying for weeks to renew my Action Pack subscription. It proves totally impossible. In the past, I could phone Microsoft. Now, I phone the same number only to be sent through a number of voices ending up with a computer voice telling me they are too busy to attend to me and that I must use the support site. This site is totally useless. What can I do?



Hi @Dawiem ,


For Action Pack renewal, please reach out to support by submitting a case. this is the easiest way and you can track your ticket.



Please select this support path:




Thank you,


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I feel your pain somehow my MAPS renewed as a LAPS (never heard of it) I didnt notice, used my serial to renew my office365 has it had ran out despite still under licence from previous MAPS.


Noticed missing serials for products, contacted them to be told I have a LAPS now and because it has been used it is tough, I have spoken with about 20 people and sent an email to the CEO. All they do is send me a walkthrough of what should have happened when I renewed and say sorry nothing we will do.


They are the hardest, steadfast, rule stickler company I have ever had to deal with in over 25 years of business.


They seem to want to get rid of partners in my opinion and move to a direct sales model as they keep putting more and more obstacles in the way including requiring every single detail of a customers Microsoft account before selling anything.

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I am facing a similar situation but the other way round.  13 months ago we renewed our Action Pack and moved to the then new ISV Starter Kit offering as we needed more VS Pro licences but didn't really need the IUR benefits.  So it was a good fit for us.


One month ago I renewed Action Pack without any issues or being invited to re-select from the benefits available.  Today, several of our VS Pro licences expired and on logging in to MPN again it seemed like I was back to square one and had just bought Action Pack for the first time.  I had to choose between 'Action Pack' and 'Learning Action Pack' (I think it was called - presumably LAPS).  ISV Starter Kit was not an option so I went with Action Pack, and then found that not only had all our VS Pro licence assignments been erased but that we now only have 3 available, whereas we previously had 5 and were using them all.  So now I have 2 developers who are not going to be able to work when their licences expire.


This is so frustrating.  I have always had problems navigating the labyrinth of MPN when renewing Action Pack, but last year I thought things were finally getting easier.  Now I'm facing yet another MPN headache. 


Is ISV Starter Pack still available, and if so can I move our Action Pack back over to it again?


@MarkLThanks for reaching out to us. I am Prasanna Deshapande, Program Manager for Benefits and I work in Vijay's team.

We had a closer look at your case and we find that you have opted for ISV starter kit when you chose corresponding benefits after purchasing MAPS.  The ISV starter kit comes with its own set of benefits as compared to MAPS benefits and this comparision between benefits is listed out on the same page so that partners can excericse caution while choosing benefits. 

Inspite of these guidelines, We allow partners to swap benefits between MAPS and ISV starter kit provided there is no consumption of benefits. In your case, you have already cosnumed many of the benefits that comes with ISV starter kit; hence we can neither swap your benefits nor refund

Partners can purchase only 1 MAPS subscription per year; Hence please renew MAPS in your upcoming renewal cycle i.e beyond 01st Sep 2019 and choose MAPS so that you can recieve the corresponding benefits. Meanwhile, You can get competent and purchase Silver/Gold accordingly to get the windows/office benefits that you are looking for


@MarkL Hi, Am Program Manager in PC. Please reach out to me prdesha@microsoft.com with your MPN Id. I can provide you with appropraite guidance

We allow benefits swap between MAPS and ISV starter kits provided you have not consumed any of the benefits. 


Hi Mark, Thank you for sharing your concern. I am sorry to hear about your challenges I want to follow up on this with our support team to help you here. could you please share your support case number and MPN details to me at vijayr@microsoft.com?



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I feel your pain, navigating Microsoft is never a simple task.

However, you mention that you've renewed into the ISV Starter Kit which includes 5x Visual Studio Professional subscriptions and the use rights required for dev/test is the same as with MAPS, which only includes 3 of these subscription licenses.

For internal use you also receive 10x Dynamics 365 CE Plan licenses, 10x O365 E3 licenses, 10x Intune licenses and 5x Power BI Pro licenses. You also get $1200 Azure bulk credits (sponsorship) and some SQL licenses.

For your dev and test you have more licenses than before, and for internal use you have more licenses too (they're just cloud only).

Are you aware of all of this or has this been something that you've been unaware of?

Check your IUR page and activate your Visual Studio Professional subscriptions and access the admin page at admin.visualstudio.com and once the benefits have been assigned and accepted, the users should see their benefits at my.visualstudio.com.

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I'm having the same problem, only it's moving from silver partner to gold.

Less than a month between paying for silver renewal and reaching gold

Spoken to 4 different people and got 4 different answers.


There seems to be no way to get any UK based account management involved. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.


@EricW Thanks for reaching out to us. We understand your scenario but unfortunately cannot help you much since you have already consumed the benefits.

Please allow me to explain: 

1. PC does not allow refunds beyond a month of offer purchase

2. PC does not allow refund if the benefits have been consumed


Although we wanted to overlook point#1 in your case, We found that many of the License based and Visual studio subscriptions have already been consumed. Since PC does not support upgrade from silver to gold, which is intentional based on our experience of upgrade cases in PMC, we encourage you to purchase Gold in PC since you have already met Gold requirements in PC