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Intune November 18 Updates

Hi All,

A few updates coming to this months Intune release that if you're looking at Autopilot / Modern Management will be of interest.


  • W32 App Delivery now uses Delivery Optimisation
  • Autopilot Enrolment status page updates - You can now block the page from moving on if a particular app fails to install - preventing the PC from being usable. +
  • Office ProPlus is now part of the tracked apps on the enrolment page. Prior to this Office ProPlus would continue to install once the user was logged on. Now it'll complete before they are logged on - which means their core productivity suite is there waiting for them.

Any questions on these, as always, let me know.

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Re: Intune November 18 Updates

Hi Steven,

The app protection on flow, stream etc are great adds, as well as the advanced edge support and tracking Pro Plus. Is there any news on the ability to stop company portal removal/unenrollment on the device? Hearing this from many organisations as they want it to stay on corporate owned devices.

I have added my name to the uservoice


And I can see that there is now consideration of it. However, it would be good to know where this is at.

Best, Chris