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Level 2 Contributor

CSP Licensing and IUR's

I am sure I am out of touch with this but is it still against the MPA for partners to buy licenses for their own use from themselves? For instance when you exceed your IUR's can you supply yourself or do you have to buy from MS/another partner?


Community Manager

Re: CSP Licensing and IUR's

Hi @lawtonma ,


Thank for reaching to Microsoft Partner Community!

The licenses from MAPS should be used internally, if you need more licenses you can always combine the MAPS offerings with attaining new competencies or advanced specializations, keeping in mind for each license there is max grant.

I can help you with some documentation for your review:

Compare product licenses (IUR) offers : https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/compare-offers

Microsoft Partner Network benefits usage guide on how to use your licenses & benefits.

List of licenses and grants


Have a great day ahead!

Level 2 Contributor

Re: CSP Licensing and IUR's



Thanks for the feedback - I do undersatnd the IUR and Partner Benefits - but my question, if I can simplify it, is;


- If I need to BUY licneses for internal use can I supply them to myself?




Community Manager

Re: CSP Licensing and IUR's

Hi Mark,


You are welcome!

As far as I know there is no option to buy separate licenses. You can get more licenses through the ways mentioned previously.

When you say supplying to yourself, you mean for personal use, for exampe at home ? As per below guidelines, no.Annotation 2020-02-13 154154.png





Let me know if this answers your query.


Level 2 Contributor

Re: CSP Licensing and IUR's

Sorry Andra - still no!


What I want to know is - "If I need to purchase licenses over and above what I have included in my IUR - for instance if I have more than 100 employees, can I supply them to myslef through my CSP agreement, or do they have to be bought firstly from Microsoft"


Does that make sense?





Re: CSP Licensing and IUR's

@lawtonma : The MPA - which includes the terms applicable to you as a CSP Reseller - includes a section where it is saying "No internal use rights" - so the answer is no, you can not sell CSP licenses to yourself.


You can buy from another CSP (if the tenant where the licenses should be provisioned is not the tenant you use as CSP reseller), via volume licensing or directly from Microsoft.