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Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP) Workshops - new nomination and claiming process

From early November 2021, the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP) will soon become part of the Microsoft Commerce Incentives (MCI) program and managed in Partner Center. By centralizing MCAP’s intent-building activities within Partner Center, our workshops will become a new type of engagement that will:

  • Streamline the partner experience, with single enrollment and standardised payout
  • Drive proactive customer-focused engagements that build intent
  • Unlock and maximize sales and service opportunities

Prior to launch in Partner Center, you will continue working in MCAP, including the submission of customer nominations, workshop execution, and POE.  It’s important to note that active engagements will not be transitioned to MCI, customers nominated in MCAP will complete the POE and payment process in MCAP.


Partner Action Required

MCI Enrollment.  MCI is an open enrollment program and required for MCAP partners to participate and earn incentives. By October 15, there are three steps that require action on your part:

  1. Identify Incentive Administrator. This is the person within your company with permissions to enroll in MCI.
  2. Enroll in MCI.  The Incentive Administrator(s) will complete the enrollment process using the steps outlined in the Partner Center Incentives Enrollment guide.  During this process, they will provide your company’s bank and tax information.
  3. Assign Incentive Users. The Incentive Administrator will assign Incentive Users who will nominate customers for workshops. This will be a requirement for anyone managing the claims process to deliver workshops in the future.

Partner Webinar. On October 5th we’re hosting a webinar for MCAP partners to learn about the transition to MCI and what you need to know to drive successful customer engagements, including customer nominations, POE, and payout terms. Registration is now available.