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Disabling M365 Business Voice Promo

We recently identified an issue with the Microsoft 365 Business Voice promotion launched on August 1, 2020 that is being transacted through Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and direct channels. We are currently working to resolve the issue and will no longer be offering the promotion at this time.


If you recently purchased the promotion, you will be issued a credit for the difference in price. The credit will be issued automatically, no action is required from your organization. When the Business Voice promotion is available for re-launch we will notify you through a Partner Center notification. During this time, Business Voice is still available through CSP and direct channels at standard rates.


Next steps:

  • Pause any campaigns and sales motions related to the current Cloud Solution Provider  promotion.
  • Stay tuned for more details on the relaunch of the Business Voice promotion.


Thanks for your patience

Level 2 Contributor

@Nico just walked into this after a week off :-(. Couple of follow on questions please:


  1. Exact time of the promo ended please, is the 14th included if so, is it 14th @23:59 UTC?
  2. Can we still identify those end org's that are eligible for the promo that added between 1st - 14th August via the activity log or another method (if so what) as we still need to pass this onto our Indirect resellers?
  3. For those that are eligible and added between the dates when the promo was live are you still going to honour the entire 12 month term at the discounted rate or are you in effect cancelling the promo and only refunding 1 months discount therefore we need to communicate this to the re-sellers/customers?

Thank you