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The economic benefits of moving CRM to the cloud



On Tuesday 4th December Microsoft is joining up with Forrester to outline the economic benefits of moving CRM to the cloud. Below are the details that you can use to position this webinar with your customers, including the link to share for registration purposes.

The economic benefit of moving your CRM to the cloud


We know that the right customer experience is crucial and I'm delighted to give you the opportunity to participate in a webinar where you'll hear Kate Leggett from Forrester talk about the value of delivering differentiated experiences.

Customers today have more choice: more products to buy, more information to influence purchasing decisions, more devices and channels over which to interact with companies that they do business with. What they don't have is more time - or patience for poor experiences. Your customers demand great customer experiences - and companies use CRM as a foundational component of their customer experience strategy. Modern CRM empowers customer-facing personnel with the right data and information about their customers, at the right time, and in the right context so they can focus on nurturing relationships.


Yet, for many companies, an on-premise CRM holds them back in being able to deliver the right experience. Microsoft will share the process it has developed to help you successfully adopt a modern, AI enabled, customer platform. This includes research and advice to aid with business case development, joint funding to assess the migration, even tools and guidance to execute the project with ease.

Join Forrester guest speaker, Kate Leggett and Mark Abery, Microsoft, to learn about the value of delivering differentiated experiences and the role that CRM plays in your customer experience strategy. Understand the economic benefit of moving to a cloud CRM system and how cloud CRM allows you to better align the experiences you provide to ever-changing customer demands.

Webinar details


Tuesday, 4th December 2018


16:00 - 16:45



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A great webinar I missed but I want to attend on demand. In fact CRM Client Relationship Management in the era of Cloud computing is necessarily a tremendous business management tool that would help partners, customers, providers and any other interlocuter in and around the company communicate easily and exchange without any constraint or limit.


Great event - #bump