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Hi Folks


Thanks to those of you that managed to join the Community call hosted by Gina last week. Was amazing to chat. as you know, there are LOADS and LOADS of community groups in the UK and they really provide an amazing amount of help to partners, customers, ISVs and Microsoft. The communities are based all over the place and are focused on different areas. I'd really encourage you to get in touch, register and start being active in these groups:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Communityhttps://community.dynamics.com 

This is the official Dynamics 365 Community site hosted by Microsoft. There are loads of forums in here as well as links to places such as the IDEAS site where you can share ideas with the team.


DCI (Dynamics Communities International)https://www.dynamiccommunities.com/home.

This UG is split into various chapters all over the country and based on location you can attend the chapter meetings. Navigate HERE to check out the various supported products. You can filter down to the actual areas. The UK chapters with all of the leaders can be found HERE.


Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Saturdayhttps://www.365portal.org/events/

The D365 Saturday events team is very well known across the world for hosting amazing events that focus on really engaging the partner community. The events are hosted by groups all over the world and are a great way to engage the community. There is also an ambassador programme. Visit HERE for more information. 


TDG https://dynamics365society.uk/

Previously known as Those Dynamics Guys, they rebranded to TDG. This group are well known for running hackathons both from a Local as well as Global perspective. They also have a repository of free solutions called The Power Platform Bank and can be found HERE. TDG run a community Lead programme which focuses on bringing people together to manage this ever growing community. There are several forums and various areas on the site that will help you engage the rest of the community. TDG also have an "Invite Only" team called "D365Blackops" which is home to over 200 VERY active community members. you would need to contact one of the TDG team either via the website or Twitter to get added to this.


PowerAddicts : #PowerAddicts

The #PowerAddicts community is a Twitter based community that reference the #PowerAddicts tag when ever posting or interacting. There are hundreds of people all over the world that leverage this community for help with Power Platform. There is a YouTube channel that is updated by a few of the members. PowerAddicts and TDG work VERY closely together to grow the power Platform community globally.


ANy questions...Let me know, Im happy to make introductions and assist where needed.


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Hi Chris, wonderful and amazing topic than this one Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Community Groups , all that partners, customers and ISV need to train, develop and support their teams and successfully manage.

All these links: Microsoft Dynamics 365, DCI (Dynamics Community International), Dynamics 365/ Power Platform Saturday, TDG and PowerAddicts are tremendous appropriate groups to help keep on track with products and solutions, new versions and updates. Events hosted by groups all over the world are also a great opportunity to leverage and enhance our different level of expertise in any domain of knowledge.

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Excellent focus article, can I add another URL to the mix for the Power Platform groups here https://www.powerplatformug.com/home 



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Looks Great! Thanks Chris.