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Thought Leadership Series: Per Werngren discusses Virtual Hosting- Episode 3 (On-Demand Recording)

If you missed this episode, please access the meeting recording below.


Episode 3: Focus on high-end services with higher margins

Topic Abstract:  Hosting is changing and you will need to re-invent yourself and provide services higher up in the value chain than traditional hosting  


Speaker Bio:Idenet_Per Werngren.jpg

Serial entrepreneur in IT since 25+ years. Having built and led companies and organizations in Sweden, UK and USA. I specialized in P2P, the Microsoft ecosystem and in building modern cloud businesses with focus on recurring revenue. Took the IAMCP as WW President (5 terms) from 4 to 44 countries and revenue recognized by IDC to $10BN annually. Created the P2P Maturity Model, validated in whitepapers by IDC.



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