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Thought Leadership Series - Chef - DevSecOps: Human Free Zone (Episode 2, On-Demand recording available)

*If you missed this live event, you can review the recording below.*

Event description:


In this session, Galen Emery will talk through adding Security to the DevOps culture. Why DevOps is moving to DevSecOps and how important it is to automate security and compliance.


Featured speaker:


Galen.pngGalen Emery is the Lead Compliance & Security Architect at Chef. Prior to his DevSecOps experience, he spent 8+ years in IT ranging from IT technician to Systems Administrator. Since moving to the DevSecOps space, Galen has proven expertise in architecting automation solutions with Security & Compliance being his focus. He is now a certified CISSP and heads up our efforts to drive Security into the DevOps culture. Galen is truly one of a kind when it comes to DevSecOps