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Thought Leadership Series [2-4]: Dynasource

Tune in throughout the month of November for four uniquely curated sessions from Dynasource!

Series title: Channel Economics in the era of Technological Disruption

We live in an age of technological disruption. The cumulative impact of cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile, social, AI, and machine learning has dramatically changed the landscape of available technologies and created many new exciting possibilities for organizations of all sizes. This fundamentally alters the economic logic for the entire IT industry, yet the way in which IT services are procured and delivered has changed very little. With rare exceptions, IT Reseller margins and profitability are consequently at all-time lows, and in many cases still falling. In this 4 episode-series we seek to explore the various elements that impact the channel and the measures that can be taken to facilitate the necessary change.

Speaker Bio:
This weeks episode features Katja and Hugo. Katja leads the marketing and customer success teams at Dynasource. A B2B marketing generalist in IT, Katja has been in charge of marketing campaigns at several SaaS companies as well as leading regional demand generating initiatives for Google. Hugo is part of the product team at Dynasource as a Product Owner. Leveraging his experience as a former member of the business development team, he aims to add value for the users of the platform. Between the two they are Dynasource experts and part of the millennial generation that will shape the IT services industry of tomorrow.

Upcoming Episode: katja and hugo.png

  • Episode 4: 'The IT services market of tomorrow' - Thursday, Nov 29, 5:30-6:00pm CET (8:30-9:00am PST) Presenters: Katja Toftegaard Winkler, Head of Marketing at Dynasource and Hugo van der Horst, Product Owner at Dynasource

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To attend the event, please download the calendar invite below. The invite will contain a Skype link which will be used to participate in the event. 

Please start asking questions in the below thread, or be ready to ask questions during the event after the brief presentation.

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