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Great resources from Kubernetes co-founder

Wanted to share the below conversations with Brendan Burns, co-founder of Kubernetes OSS project.


A 3-part YouTube series from Azure:


1) What is Kubernetes? (Level 100/200)

2) Developing on Azure (Level 300/400)

3) Career Development (General)


Happy learning!

In this video, you'll hear from the inventor of Kubernetes, Brendan Burns, on when to use products such as Azure App Service, as well as what the roadmap is ...
In this video, you'll hear first-hand from the inventor of Kubernetes, Brendan Burns, about his experiences as a developer and how to find and follow the ide...
In this video, you'll learn about what Kubernetes and containers are, how to use them, and why they're important to developers. Learn more: http://aka.ms/int...