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Developer Relations June Updates

For those who were unable to attend virtual Build last month, here's a round up of sessions the Microsoft Startup Advocates led on topics ranging from technology to coping strategies during difficult times. Be sure to check out the below and learn some cool new things:



We've also gathered up some new technical content from our Startup Advocates:


Kafka Connect on Kubernetes, the easy way!: A tutorial on how to set up and use Kafka Connect on Kubernetes using Strimzi


Auto scale Kafka apps on k8s using KEDA: A tutorial demonstrating auto-scaling Kafka based consumer applications on Kubernetes using KEDA 


Redis chat application: Part 1 & Part 2

  • Part 1 covers how to build a chat application with Redis, WebSocket and Go.
  • Part 2 covers the deployment to the cloud using Azure App Service by configuring Azure App Service as well as Azure Redis Cache to communicate securely within a Virtual Network

Scaling Kubernetes: Intro to Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaling (KEDA):  An overview of KEDA, its architecture, and how it works behind the scenes.


Tutorial: Data pipeline using MongoDB and Kafka Connect on Kubernetes: A tutorial on how to build a simple data pipeline with MongoDB and Kafka with the MongoDB Kafka connectors which will be deployed on Kubernetes with Strimzi.


Tutorial: Getting started with MongoDB on Azure using Go: Learn how to use MongoDB Go driver by building a simple REST API for a good old CRUD-style app!


Azure Synapse Workspaces with CLI: A multi-part series that covers what Azure Synapse is and how to start using it with Azure CLI.