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Developer Relations July Updates

Microsoft's Developer Relations team is excited to share some great new technical content for the community. Happy learning!


Azure Kubernetes × Startups - MSTechNight #10: the CA team in Japan and Nori Suzuki to chat about AKS


“3 Technical things I wish I had known”: Maud Levy and Christopher Maneu chat with CTOs about growth, scale and other technical issues


Female Tech Founders Breakfast LATAM & Brazil: Cynthia Zanoni and the MfS team hosted a panel of leading Female Founders.


Pivoting with Perspective - ChickTech + Microsoft Virtual Panel Event: Ruth Yakubu joins a panel of leading women to share their experiences.


Big Data on Azure – Content for Partners: @Lena Hall (DISTRIBUTED DATA) and Adi Polak give an overview of various data products on Azure


Smashing Conf Community Event: Chris Nwamba joins the Smashing Meets event to discuss GraphQL APIs for Frontend Developers.


Learn with Jason: Serverless GraphQL with Hasura: Chris Nwamba builds incredibly powerful apps without having to manage lots of infrastructure.


Remote work: how we're doing it?: ChristopherManeu  gives tips & tricks to working remotely.


Serverless at the end of the universe: Simona Cotin explains serverless functions, their challenges and what to do to make them more productive.


Azure Event Hubs "Role Based Access Control" in action by Abhishek Gupta 

Azure Event Hubs is streaming platform and event ingestion service that can receive and process millions of events per second. This blog post covers how to use Azure Active Directory based authentication in your Azure Event Hubs client applications with a practical example.


How to use MongoDB Change Streams [Part 1] by Abhishek Gupta 

This blog post demonstrates how to use Change Streams in MongoDB with the official Go driver – using Azure Cosmos DB since it has wire protocol support for the MongoDB API (server version 3.6) which includes Change Streams as well.


Kafka on Kubernetes, the Strimzi way! Part 1 and Part 2 by Abhishek Gupta 

Part 1 covers the simplest possible setup i.e. a single node Kafka (and Zookeeper) cluster and learn: Strimzi overview and setup, Kafka cluster installation, Kubernetes resources used/created behind the scenes and test the Kafka setup using clients within the Kubernetes cluster.

Part 2 continues to use the same setup and covers these topics: Expose Kafka cluster to external applications, apply TLS encryption, explore Kubernetes resources behind the scenes, use Kafka CLI and Go client applications to test our cluster setup.


Most commonly asked questions about Dapr by Abhishek Gupta 

Dapr is "An event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices on cloud and edge." Being an exciting open source project, it attracts a lot of developers and with them, lots of questions.


Tip: Using the latest TLS version with Azure Cache for Redis by Abhishek Gupta 

As a part of the industry-wide push toward the exclusive use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 or later. Abhisek covers how this will affect your Go applications.