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Cloud Advocate Technical Content Highlights (Week of 06/12)

Microsoft's Cloud Advocates help every technologist, from those in enterprises or startups, to succeed and do what they love: write, code, and learn. They engage developers and others in the software ecosystem to further technical education and proficiency within the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform. Cloud Advocates meet with developers around the world through talks, demos, and engagement in technical communities. Please check out the latest Cloud Advocacy content highlights below for the week of 06/12:


Title + Author



Using GitHub as an ITPro


by @Sarah Lean (@TechieLass)


Join @TechieLass as she dispels the myth that GitHub is a developer-only tool!


IT, Developer Tools

From idea to contribution in minutes with Codespaces!


by @Simona Cotin (@simona_cotin)


Learn how Codespaces can save you valuable onboarding time—and get developers ready to code faster.


Developer Tools

#QuestionDev IoT


by @Christopher Maneu (@cmaneu)


Do you need to code to create an IoT project? Watch this video and learn the answer!



Building an Azure Static Web App with GraphQL


by @Aaron Powell



Want to learn how to create an Azure Static Web App with a GraphQL backend? Check out Aaron's video!


Web, JavaScript

Stitching together a mobile backend for your app


by @Matt Soucoup (@CodeMillMatt)

There are so many questions about mobile cloud development that it can make your head spin! This session is going to answer these questions and give you a tour of how you can make use of several different Azure services to build out a pretty sweet mobile backend.





Check out the newly published Learn modules and newly published Docs articles written by Cloud Advocates.




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