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One of my motivations to have a career in tech is because I believe that we as an industry have the power to advocate, build, and change to support humanity, animals and our planet. With the power of technology, we have a moral responsibility to make sure tech is used for social good. During the last years I have discovered that making a difference, not only means working towards a better future for people and organizations. Making a difference for good also offers a purpose to those working in tech and with that it strengthens our character, immune system and build a stronger workforce because of the common ground it brings with pride, intention, and hope. Personally, I get energy, hope for a better future and pride in the work that I do with Partners.

In my day-to-day work I have the privilege to collaborate with advanced partners like Motion10. Motion10 has done their homework on how to leverage their strengths for societal impact. With this blog I hope to highlight their work as an inspiration for our industry. This blog will be the first within a series of partner solutions and the Microsoft Partner Pledge. If you also want to be featured and you have an inspirational story to inspire with your best practices or if you are ready to learn more about the commitment to being responsible in everything we do, check out this blog by Hermien Roebersen. At the informational Partner Pledge page, you can learn and sign to become part of our movement!


What is Motion10 bringing to the world? How are they helping others?

Motion10 has their expertise in place as a tech innovator. Their expertise is rare in the market and with that it is mostly embraced by progressive innovative customers in the higher segments. The PitWall is the Motion10 developed framework as a managed service by assessing the value of digital transformation and an ongoing road to success. What I love about their solution is that it starts with the purpose and aim of organizations which makes it tick for both the organizations the PitWall supports and the employees at Motion10! Organizing the pathway of to the aim of the organization helps with unlocking unexpected insights and value through the energy of creation build with the technological advances we have today.


The fundamental principles from the strategic architecture advice brought the basics right and really made it possible to move this project at rapid speed.
Samir Rharouadi, Manager ICT Product Development Koninklijke Rotra


The translation of Motion10's technical expertise towards being a purpose driven business is the MotionTogether program. At Microsoft we have learning days and not too long ago I was invited to join the MotionTogether lunch presentation on their latest project with KNGF Geleidehonden. I am inspired by the program because of the practical approach of building diversity and inclusion in a way that resonates with the employees of Motion10. They were able to bring in their passion and skills to support a charity which they carefully selected. The high vibe amongst the attendees during the meeting resonated and proofs again that being intentional with purpose creates an increase of energy and willpower.


“Don’t underestimate the power of vision and direction. These are irresistible forces, able to transform what might appear to be unconquerable obstacles into traversable pathways and expanding opportunities.” J.B. Peterson


The value of the PitWall for the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF)

At the lunch session I learned that the education of one guide dog costs about €40.000. Some more interesting facts are that in 2020, there were 114 dogs in training and the number of 'active teams of dog and owner' has grown to 727, summoning 491 guide dogs for the blind, 43 buddy dogs for autism, 52 assistant dogs, 73 buddy dogs for PTSS and 68 buddy dogs for children.

The success of the organization depends on keeping their stakeholders actively engaged by sharing of the right information involved to breed, educate, and offer the best possible dogs for those in need. The coordination of all the stakeholders is extensive as it involves different perspectives such as the families who help with the puppies growing up, to trainers of the dogs, trainers of the new to be dog owners, donation management, managing bloodlines of the dogs and much more. Through the lens of what value technology can bring, Motion10 introduced their PitWall solution to support the mission of the KNGF to empower those with a disability to have a beter live with a professional guide dog.

By identifying data-driven moments Motion10 supports getting the most out of data. The number of data points for organizations like the KNGF are tremendous and often overlooked. With the insights gained by the PitWall strategy it has become a standardized and strategic way of working to build a stronger engagement with donors, manage their dog's lifecycle and build a higher quality experience for all stakeholders involved.


Are you inspired? Support the KNGF and nominate a new MotionTogether project!

There are many things we do together! It all depends on you and what suits you best.

Would you like a fluffy puppy to join your family unit? Consider becoming a foster parent! Check out the website of the KNGF to learn more about requirements and how this can enrich your life! Donations are also very welcome to support the KNGF!

In case you work at or have a charity, which is close to your heart, and you believe it can benefit from Microsoft's technology with the Motion10's PitWall solution, please nominate them for Motion10’s MotionTogether 2022 through the forms on MotionTogether - Motion10 (deadline is the 31st of March 2022)!

If you are a commercial organization and want to learn more about the PitWall, contact Motion10 directly through the contact information at

Partner Development Manager - Microsoft Netherlands