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Microsoft Answers Support Community Translation Service WINS GOLD 2022 Stevie® Awards!



We’re delighted to announce that the Microsoft Answers Support Community on-the-fly translation capabilities won Gold Stevie Awards in not one, but two categories!



  1. Customer Service Success - Technology Industries
  2. Best Use of Technology in Customer Service - Computer Industries


We leveraged Edge and Azure Cognitive Services technology to implement translation capabilities directly into the Community interface, empowering our Microsoft Support Advocates and trusted community volunteers to support customers, no matter what locale the customer posts in.


Here’s a quick video that outlines what we did. This feature went live on November 1, 2021 and is being used to support customers across all 23 non-English languages supported in the Community. So far, nearly 150K replies have been sent to customers using the translation feature.


Entrants to the 2022 Steve Awards were judged by a panel of professionals from all over the world and to win gold we beat innovations from other tech organizations including Qualtrics, Constant Contact, and Intuit.


Here’s some of the top comments from judges on our entry:


“Best use of technology to improve customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.”


“Incredible breakthrough! Enabling more dominant languages the opportunity to support smaller demographics is a huge win for Microsoft Answers Support Community users.”


“I love the use of technology to serve all your customers. Microsoft is a global brand that continues to listen and pivot to meet the needs of customers all over the world. Bravo.”


Huge thanks to everyone who embodied our One Microsoft culture (listed below and on the To line) to make this possible. We knew we were doing something innovative and it’s great to get industry recognition for our work! CONGRATULATIONS!!


CE&S Knowledge Management

  • David Creech
  • Dennis Pollett
  • Olga Ghena
  • Rebecca Houghton
  • Siobhan Flanigan
  • Suzy Gillett
  • Community Business Operations Team
  • Community Engagement Team



  • Corina Bulai
  • Jordan McDonald
  • Robert Su
  • Vikas Gupta


CE&S Modern Life, Gaming, & Customer Service

  • Jade Sun
  • Satyaki Panda



  • Azure Translator API team
  • Azure Search team
  • Concentrix Cebu team
  • Dag Schmidtke - OPEX
  • Praveen Kumar K.L – Edge
  • Wicresoft Shanghai Consumer team
  • Yogesh Gupta - Edge