Grow your Business through the Cloud Enablement Desk

The Cloud Enablement Desk (CED) engages high potential partners that are digitally managed and helps them accelerate their growth.


To be eligible for engagement with the Cloud Enablement Desk, a partner must meet these requirements:

  1. Have a valid MPN ID
  2. Must be in solution build phase, with an existing or nearly finished Microsoft technology solution
  3. Not be managed by a PDM, locally or globally

Once a partner is selected for the Cloud Enablement Desk, they will be connected with a specialist who will assist them over a six-month engagement as they work through the offered services.


Cloud Enablement Desk services


The services provided by CED specialists can be completed in any order and/or combination.

  • Partner Center lead share activation. The CED specialist assists partners in setting up a business profile and aligning their referral criteria to ensure they receive relevant leads.
  • Assist partners who wish to differentiate through competency attainment and advanced specialization. The CED specialist helps the partner identify the competency and advanced specialization that's right for their business and walks them through the attainment requirements and process.
  • Maximizing available benefits. The CED specialist highlights available Microsoft services, helps identify the programs best suited for the partner’s business goals, and assists the partner with next steps.​​​​​​​
  • Solution onboarding to the Microsoft commercial marketplace. The CED specialist guides partners through the solution listing process, explaining commercial marketplace opportunities and different listing types.
  • Solution onboarding to co-sell. The CED specialist guides partners through co-sell program requirements and tiers, and the solution listing process.


To enroll, please visit Microsoft Cloud Enablement Desk