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SALES TRAININGS for all partners - July 2021



Microsoft is pleased to announce the launch of WE Partner Skills Summer Academy. Summer is unique opportunity to increase our skills and we want to leverage this opportunity with our partners.


The Skills Summer Academy will focus on the areas:

  1. Sales Academy – per solution area - 19-29th of July (wave1) // 23rd Aug-2nd Sept (wave2)
  2. Cloud Sales Academy– focusing on Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud Native Apps and Azure Synapse Analytics – 6-13th of Sept.
  3. Industry Partner Academy- FSI, Retail, Manufacturing, HC & Gov. – 13-17th of Sept.


Registration for Summer Sales Academy in July (wave1) is now open. 


Summer Sales Academy  

The primary objective of these three live sessions per solution area training program is to provide partners with new sales engagement tactics and tools to help them facilitate five critical “Moments that Matter” that occur during every complex sales cycle. Sales professionals that execute these prospect meetings consistently drive 50% to 80% win rates.