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Robotic Process Automation, App and Dash: Register for 3 brand new Trainings in December!

Dear Swiss Microsoft Partner


We recently announced 3 Train the Trainer sessions in December for XiaD program partners and would like to extend the invitation to other Microsoft partners who may be interested in engaging with the program.


The sessions will cover all workshop content and run the full day (9am-5pm). Please promote to your partners using the following message and to sign up through this form.  Please reach out to our team directly if you have any questions.


New Train the Trainer events scheduled for December: Robotic Process Automation in a Day, App in a Day, and Dashboard in a Day!


Are you a Microsoft partner who is interested in delivering a Power Platform In a Day customer workshop? If so, we are happy to announce 3 new virtual Train the Trainer sessions have been scheduled for December:


Robotic Process Automation in a Day – December 1, 2022 (9AM-5PM CST)

App in a Day – December 9, 2022 (9AM-5PM CST)

Dashboard in a Day – December 16, 2022 (9AM-5PM CST)


CTA - If you are a Microsoft partner and interested in learning more about how to deliver this content to existing customers, please complete this form to secure your spot!


For more information on how you can get introduced to new customers and build your brand by delivering these workshops, please visit https://aka.ms/XIADPartnerOpportunity or contact the program team directly at xiadevents@microsoft.com.







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