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Go-to-Market Toolbox - The Marketing Self-Service Platform for Gold Partners



Amplify the trust and reliability of your brand through co-branding with Microsoft.

Partners who want to bring their solutions to market faster and connect with more customers can find the support they need to effectively co-market with Microsoft in Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox.


The Go-To-Market Toolbox is a brand-new tool that has been introduced at the end of last fiscal year. This tool is only available for Gold competency partners and it’s a great self-service platforms that allows to customize and create co-branded assets very easily and completely through the platform itself.


Every Gold partner has 18 points available that can be used to create co-branded assets (such as one-pagers or customer success stories) that you can send for review to Microsoft’s editorial team that will help you getting to the final asset.


Points expire one year after the partner’s gold competency renewal date. Therefore, once gold competency is renewed, partner receives 18 points again (renewal is not related to fiscal year).


Get started here: https://aka.ms/GTMToolbox