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Call out for partners to create Business Central offer for startups

Dear Partners,


For some time now, Microsoft has been supporting innovative and young companies through the Microsoft for Startups program in growing and accelerating their business by providing various benefits such as Azure credits, industry expertise or access to customers (for more information, please visit aka.ms/swiss-startups)

We are now looking to further expand this support and build a dedicated Business Central offering for startups - and are looking for partners that are as excited as us to support the next generation of leading companies. This can include discounts, supporting implementation or free consulting hours.


The aim is to help startups adopt Business Central for their company and to empower them in building up their business - for this, we need your help to make it happen!


Please fill out this Forms until Friday, November 19th 2021 the if you are interested in discussing the creation of your dedicate Business Central offer to startups. We will eventually select the partner(s) that is able to offer the biggest added value to the startups, has a proven track record in implementing Business Central and is passionate about new businesses.


Forms link: https://forms.office.com/r/C8nthbNVPj


We are looking forward to your ideas!


The Swiss BizApps and Startup Team