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APPLY NOW: Innovation Factory for Modern Work, Azure or BizApps – FY22 Q2-Q4 (October 2021 – June 2022) Partner Marketing Activities

Dear Swiss Partners 


Microsoft intends to scale and develop the Swiss market for the sale of cloud solutions in the best possible way. With more than 588'000 companies, the SMB market has a lot of potential and we would like to ensure that you have what you need at your disposal to reach your customers and support them. 

Microsoft is renewing the Innovation Factory program for Fiscal Year 22, that aims at driving demand on behalf of partners (through partner marketing). The Innovation Factory is like a catalogue with Marketing services that will help Microsoft partners grow their cloud business and maximize cloud revenue in Small and Medium Businesses. 

Please see attached a presentation for more information on the program. 


In Switzerland in FY22 Q2 – Q4 (October 2021 - June 2022), for Partners with focus on SMB customers (approx. 25-500 employees) the following slots are available: 


  • 11 slotfor an Azure Reference Customer story or Webinarand 2 slots for Tele-Sales. 
  • 5 slots for a Modern Work Reference Customer story or Webinar and 4 slots for Tele-Sales.  
  • 4 slots for a BizApps Reference Customer story or Webinar  


Eligibility criteria: 

  • Partner has residency in Switzerland 
  • Partner is a Microsoft CSP Partner 
  • Partner has Gold or Silver Cloud Competency Status in MPN to demonstrate best-in-class capability and commitment 
  • Partner provides regular reviews and updates on the campaign and KPIs 
  • Partner focuses on SMB customers (approx. 25-500 seats) 
  • Partner can rely on an internal marketing resource able to build and follow the campaign together with the marketing agency & Microsoft 
  • Possesses strong sales & marketing capabilities 
  • Commits to co-fund the marketing campaign by 50% to cover the agency and campaign costs 
  • Partner provides commitment and availabilities to conduct the chosen marketing activity 
  • Partner agrees to work together with the listed marketing agency 


Marketing activities available in FY22 Q2 – Q4: 

  • The campaign contents will have to focus on either  Modern WorkAzure or BizApps 
  • The marketing activities that can be booked are: 
  • Webinar in a Box, total CHF 4'353 (CHF 2'177 Partner funded, CHF 2'177 Microsoft funded) 
  • Customer Reference Case, total CHF 6'296 (CHF 3'148 Partner funded, CHF 3'148 Microsoft funded) 
  • Tele-Sales, total CHF 11'824 (CHF 5'912 Partner funded, CHF 5'912 Microsoft funded) 

Partner must work with Microsoft’s preferred marketing agencies (Make Marketing Magic for Case study and Webinar in a box and JK Development for Tele-Sales) 



To apply for this program, send an e-mail to Sven Graf, SMB Marketing Manager 

(a-svengraf@microsoft.com), specifying which marketing activity you are interested in booking and for which workload (AzureModern Work or BizApps). 


The complete application must be submitted by  Friday  24.09.2021. Please note that only application sent by this deadline will be taken in consideration. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


Best regards 



SMB Marketing Manager 


@Maruscha @RaWir