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Accessibility enables greater innovation for everyone

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and I am so proud of Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility and increasing focus on inclusive technology. Over 1 billion people live with some form of disability, and most people will experience temporary or permanent disability at some point.


It is inspiring how many advancements in accessibility we’ve made – starting with Windows 11, which is built with accessibility at its core. I am excited about the new features announced at the Ability Summit 2022, such as a more immersive Focus experience, system-wide live captions, and more natural voices for Narrator. I love how Microsoft is working with its device partners and the opportunities we have together to help improve the customer experience.  


Accessibility empowers innovation for everyone. Solutions built to be inclusive by design improve the experience, productivity, and engagement of all users. Customers value accessible experiences and companies that embrace inclusion often outperform their competitors.

I’m heartened by the opportunity with our Microsoft partner ecosystem to innovate, build, and deliver accessible technology at scale for customers, together.


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